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* Roboform form filler and login info saver and protector (free).

Use Roboform to fill in forms, instantly. Plus, it stores login info, safely.

This tool fills in all online forms. Just add information you normally have to type in forms (you know, name, etc.). Then when you encounter a form, just click a button and voila, the form is filled in. This is a tiny tool that runs in the background until you turn it off. It is easily accessible.

More importantly, it stores login information safely. And, it will fill in your username and password automatically – unless you set it to do so manually, whereby you click a button to enter the info.

Download it now for free:

Form Fill and Login Info Saver

Can You Recommend Something That Will Increase My Security When I Am Online?

Your computer should definitely have a good firewall. A firewall protects your computer and personal data.

Let me recommend the ZoneAlarm Firewall. It is very easy to install, requiring no technical know-how (it basically installs itself – just click 2 boxes). You do NOT need to make ANY adjustments! Bud-a-bing.

Download ZoneAlarm for free by clicking here.

This is NOT a demo or a trial. It is the real deal.

You won’t notice it running unless you peer down at your computer tray (lower right of your screen). If you do that, you’ll see a dinky little icon there, a little Z, about the size of your pinky finger nail. Oh, and by the way, it does NOT bog things down, at all.

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