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I came across a Swedish article listing what THEY claim are the "World's BEST beaches." Of course, that's debateable. But, at least you can come up with your own list of top 10-20 beaches using a multitude of "best" lists.

But, most likely, these are all choice locations. It's a great starting place, if nothing else. Go out and find 10 other top 10 lists. You will have some overlap. Go to the one that is rated in the top 10, most often.

Since you probably are not fluent in Swedish I will list the top beaches in English and spare you the Swedish verbage.

Drum roll, please. Here is their list of "best beaches" in the world.

1. Anse du Grande Colombier, St Barthélemy

2. Anse Source D´Argent, Seychelles

3. Bird Island, Seychelles

4. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

5. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

6. Honeymoon Beach, Seychelles

7. Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

8. Mnemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania

9. Palolem, Goa, India

10. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece.

Seychelles, virtually unknown to Westerners, comes up 3 times in this list! Seychelles is aproximately 600 miles north east of madagascar. Madagascar is an island about 200 miles east of Africa's eastern coastline.

Granted... you have to watch out for pirates! Then again, there's more risk driving around town.

I have been to Greece a couple of times. They have a ton of beaches to choose from. A good time to go to Greece is early May (possibly up to late May) and late August or September (great deals).

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